Some recent issues

Some recent issues

27 January 2008

Dear Members

Early morning noise from dustcarts etc
Some of you will have had a flyer from residents in Grafton Road who are badly affected by dustcarts from the depot going out in the early morning. We’ve heard that some others are also losing sleep over this, mainly in Willes Road. We could try and get hold of a relevant council officer for the next meeting, which we’ll arrange for late Feb/early March if that suits people. Is this something people would like?

Pollution in the high street
Some residents are concerned about rising levels of traffic pollution in the high street, as a result of better pedestrian crossing arrangements at the top of the high street. This is a difficult one, as we have pressed for better crossings and Camden have been responsive – but cars now sit for longer with their engines running and the fumes are bad. The current plans are to create crossing time at the Prince of Wales Road/High Street junction. Is this something we would want them to review if it does mean more pollution? Views please.

Residents parking
Last year some people were caught out by Camden’s failure to issue reminders about the expiry of permits. If you were living here when the parking scheme introduced then your permit will probably expire in early March. We’ll try and do a reminder nearer the time – but best check your dates now and put them in the diary. If you have come to live here since that time then it will obviously end on the anniversary of the first permit.

If your neighbours aren’t in touch with IARA by e mail, let them know too. (In fact please encourage them to contact us so we can add them to the address list)

Early summer event
Are we going for another street party/fair/event this year? Let us know what you can contribute.

Gardening group
You’ll have noticed that a lot of the bulbs are up under the street trees, and looking wonderful, as are the beds in Raglan Street. Thanks to all involved.

Police station threat. Only one person has come back to us on this one. It is not clear how real the threat is but the councillor seems worried and we will ask our councillors to comment.

Planning Application Imperial Works, Perren Street, off Ryland Road. We have received notification if application of an existing planning permission to allow an additional storey to be used as residential rather than office space. If you want details and to comment – go to ref PEX0200895. And copy us in please.

Debby and David