Roof extensions in the Inkerman Conservation Area

Most of the Inkerman Area is in a Conservation Area, which was created in 2001 to protect the Victorian heritage of the area.  You can find the Conservation Area Statement on this website.

Since that time, the demography of our area has changed significantly.  At the General Meeting on 4 September we had a brief discussion raised by some of our members about the possibility of approaching Camden, to float the idea of getting the CA Statement amended to allow modest roof extensions, in order that people with growing families who wish to stay in the Inkerman Area have the possibility of doing so.  The idea is to propose a standard design, trying as far as possible to protect the roofline, prevent overlooking and visually maintain the style of the area.

This discussion started with a small group of residents who would love to stay in the area, but need more space as their families grow.  They have drafted an initial discussion document, which they would now like to share more widely.

Click here to read it  roof extension discussion doc

If there is support for the idea we would try to arrange a meeting with planning officers to discuss this further.

IARA is aware that there are views either way, and would like to get a feeling for how much support there is for the proposal.  This is the starting point of a discussion, which may lead to a meeting of a wider group of people who would like to take this forward.

Please let us have your views by emailing  and, if you would like to see this go further, give us permission to pass on your contact details to the existing group.