Residents’ meeting on 23 April

The next meeting of IARA will be on Monday 23 April, from 7-9 pm at St. Patrick’s School in Raglan Street.

Please let anyone else know who you think may be interested. If they are not on the e-mail list, please ask them to contact us.

We hope to have an update on plans for the Baths, a planning update, and an introduction to the IARA website.

Some of our members are attending meetings of the Safer Neighbourhoods Panel – ie what was the Community Police / Home Beat officer group. Reports and Minutes are available if you want them.

If you have any issues you want raised, please let us know before the meeting and we’ll include them on the agenda.

Meanwhile, there’s a public consultation starting today and ending on 2 May on the council’s new draft Tree Strategy. You can find the “Tree Strategy and questionnaire” on the Council website.

Some people have mentioned that they are disappointed by the current choice of new trees – tall, evergreen shrubs/trees – rather than flowering trees such as crab apples or cherry. On the corner of Inkerman and Willes there is one of the new ones and on the diagonally opposite corner an Amelenchier in blossom which has been there for many years without growing excessively large.