Report on meeting of Panel of Kentish Town Safer Neighbourhood Team on Thursday 31 January 2019

Note of meeting of Panel of Kentish Town Safer Neighbourhood Team on Thursday 31 January 2019 at TRA Hall Willingham Close NW5

The Panel welcomed the new area Sergeant Jo Johnson and a new PC Alistair Royston to the Panel.

The Panel reviewed the priorities set at the previous meeting of 22 November 2018 and agreed to continue with the specific focus of tackling anti-social behaviour with particular emphasis on some key estates in the area.

Dealing with aggressive begging and tackling burglary remain the other two priority areas

Anti-social behaviour

Dealing with anti-social behaviour remains the main priority.

The SNT and Camden Community Safety have been actively working with the TRA to deal with anti-social behaviour and drug dealing on the Raglan Estate (Alpha Court and Monmouth House). CCTV was issued and some of the older children involved were identified through liaison with local schools. This has enabled early intervention with the school and parents.

Intelligence received led to a weapons sweep on the Raglan Estate which led to 2 males being stopped and searched which resulted in drugs being discovered. The case is now being progressed

Community Safety have now deployed 3 extra CCTV cameras for 2 months on the Raglan Estate.

Following the arrest of a drug dealer who had been dealing on Kelly Street it was now quiet there.

Significant issues exist on the Ingestre Estate and the SNT and Camden Community Safety are working together to deal with the problems.

Begging on Kentish Town Road

The second SNT priority remains dealing with begging and rough sleeping in Kentish Town Road.

Camden Community Safety confirmed that currently there is a bed available for every homeless person. The individuals who had been rough sleeping outside the Co-Op store on Kentish Town Road have been helped into accommodation or into medical care.


Although the overall incidence of burglary remains low there has been a recent outbreak of incidents in the Lady Margaret Road area. All involve ground floor access and appear to have been opportunist where windows had been left open.

Vehicle crime

I was asked by an IARA resident to raise the issue of remote hacking of cars’ central locking systems.

The SNT advised that there are 2 situations about which residents who own cars should be aware.

The first involves parking in large open car parks such as at supermarkets. Thieves use devices which block the electronic locking of car doors. You should always physically check that the doors are locked after you have pressed the button to lock even if it lights up and you hear a clicking sound.

The second situation is when you park the car in front of your house or flat, centrally lock it and leave the keys in the hallway or a room at the front of the house. Thieves use a device which can activate a signal and therefore activate the locking system from immediately outside the front of your house. You should NOT leave your car keys at the front of the house but place them as far away from the front as possible and preferably inside a container such as a tin to prevent unauthorised access to the signal. There are apparently special containers available for purchase online but a solid tin of any type should work.

Alma Street Fair

The SNT have the date in their diary. It is not currently a scheduled day for the team but they will arrange to swap days.

The next meeting off the Panel will be on 28 March 2019.

John Nicholson