Planting under trees – Sunday 14 June 2009

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the planting – it was a great success and great fun. Especial thanks to Diana for getting the plants from the Royal Parks.

People were asking if we might benefit from a meeting of the gardening group to discuss what really are the best plants to use in the difficult situation under trees – ie durable and not needing too much TLC and watering.

Dilip is a qualified garden designer and has already given some good ideas.

Everyone wants different things – some want bright annuals, some of us want traditional wild flowers, eg bluebells and foxgloves – and that is great.

We also really need to progress the plan of adopt the tree near your house – and keep up the watering.

For example, David planted some in the rather unpromising area round the tree on the corner of Raglan St and Anglers Lane and that was probably wildly optimistic and they may not last very long. But still – they send a message to people that someone cares about the area. (Although two were stolen the first night!)

We should also say that the gardens in Raglan Street are looking brilliant. A huge thanks to Sue and Beryl and Robert – and Mary? and others? for their continual enormous work. They are really appreciated by everyone in the area. Several people who stopped to chat to us during our planting session mentioned them.

We are copying this as an e-mail to Ralph Scott (our very active local councillor) for info and to Tim Gray (our excellent Camden streets officer who works hard to remove graffiti and rubbish etc) to reinforce the point about the street cleaners – ‘please leave our plants undisturbed!’ – and thanks for all your work in the area.