Peter Ryan’s replacement, Magnet, Streetbank and other stuff

Peter Ryan’s replacement

We have had a very warm “goodbye” email from our SNT Sergeant Peter Ryan.  He also tells us about his replacement, and writes:

The Sergeant replacing me is PS 185EK Niall O’NEILL

His email address is  Niall.D.O’

He has extensive experience in policing Camden as a response team member and as an advanced driver dealing with the most important calls. I have worked with him on public order events including the Olympics and I know he is an officer I would absolutely want to have on my team. A good man.

I have spent some time telling him what the role entails but getting to meet you will help him more – I know he will get out and  about more than I seemed to be able to in recent months which was of great frustration to me.

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Magnet site

We are delighted to tell you that the appeal decision for 65 Holmes Road has been dismissed! The Inspector agreed with the Council that the ground floor should be B8 (industrial use) not B1a (office use) and he agreed that a 30% increase in students would be too many in this area and have an impact on amenity.

However, this does not, sadly, mean that the original development can not go ahead as the original planning permission has not expired.

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From the French School – Courses in Kentish Town, Intensive Courses, E-Learning and more at the Institut francais  until June 2014


“We are happy to announce the launch of French courses in Kentish Town. In the welcoming environment of the Collège français bilingue de Londres, the Institut français will bring the best of our South Kensington-based expertise to the northern neighbourhood of Kentish Town. If you missed our Open Day last Saturday, no need to worry – there’s still time to register!”

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Grafton Road and more…..

As reported before – the restrictions at Gospel Oak remain so the threat of a flood of rat runners has gone. However there is a new problem of several major works being carried out at the same time in Gospel Oak area with associated heavy lorry movements through our area

Adam in Willes is onto this and informs us:

There are about four major construction schemes in close proximity, as well as a big refurbishment scheme which has different traffic regulations. Planning has been going on for at least a couple of years, but the traffic management issues have only been dealt with since June, and up to now only with the immediate residents in the Gospel Oak area. The first of the works is due to start this month, with the last major site finishing in 2018.

For our own local interest, a route has been identified for rigid trucks up to 12 metres from all the sites, to come down Grafton Road, and then turn onto Price of Wales and up Anglers Lane. I think I persuaded the consultants that Anglers Lane was a very bad idea, but I cannot see anything which would prevent truck drivers from turning from Grafton onto Holmes Road in order to exit onto KT Road. The consultants have wonderful ‘sweeps’ plans which show the impossibility of certain trucks turning certain corners, but it never seems to stop the drivers from doing it. I also pointed out that the sensitive hours for The French School are not the same as the hours for Carlton and the other state schools on their routes. I also objected that we who live here know that any disturbance to traffic in the area affects us widely, and these truck movements would have a big impact.

(It is possible that Grafton will only be used in the first phase but we have no details.)


The detailed traffic management plan is promised to be ready for a major meeting on 23 October at Kiln Place TA Hall, 6.30-8pm. If anyone is interested and can go, they could contact us.

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Street Bank

We’ve recently heard about this and you might like to check it out.

“Street Bank is a social sharing website where members post goods or services they’re prepared to lend to their neighbours and they can browse through items being lent by others.

There’s a coffee shop ambience to the website where members can post local events, and gatherings of Streetbankers (can someone suggest a better collective noun?).

The service is presently free supported by grants from Government and various foundations. Streetbank is building momentum in Camden, which means more items to borrow”.

David has checked it out and joined.  It is quite easy and the short video explaining it is good, if a bit cheesy. We are thinking what items we can offer to lend or services we can offer.

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Local Area Requirements for the Validation of Planning

Camden has reviewed the local area requirements for the validation of planning and other applications to make sure they are relevant and appropriate to current policies and legislation.

Some changes have been made to bring the requirements up to date where changes have been made to planning legislation, policy and guidance.

You can comment  Online

by email to planning@camden.guk

by letter to Development Management, Regeneration and Planning,    Camden Town Hall, Argyle Street, London WC1H 8EQ

The closing date for comments is 5pm Wednesday 4 December.

Please copy IARA in if you respond.