Paving slabs

This update from Philip Thompson, ward councillor

??Dear Debby and David,??

??Could you perhaps forward to your members an update about the repaving of Kentish Town Road. I know there was quite a bit of interest at previous meetings. This is what I’ve just found out:??

??£250,000 from the new financial year budget (2007/08) has been allocated for repaving works in Kentish Town Road. This should complete all of the paving north of both Prince of Wales Road and Bartholomew Road and the works are programmed to start in early May.??

??I’m told that this will leave only the section from Bartholomew Road to Royal College Street, which will need to be linked to the junction redesign planned under the Town Centre Scheme, and the section from Hawley Crescent to Farrier Street, where there is currently a lot of construction going on.??

??All the best,??

??Cllr Philip Thompson??
??Kentish Town (Lib Dem)??
??020 7424 9764??