Newsletter 10.2.19 1. Possible increased flying over our area. Urgent consultation. 2. Remote unlocking of your car? 3. Do we love Estate Argent Boards?

1. Does this affect us? Increased overflights from Heathrow. 

People may wish to check out this proposal:

If you put in your postcode it seems to say we will be affected – although the rather rubbish map showsflight paths but not over our area.  Anyone who can do more research – please let us know. Thanks. 
If you wish to respond to the consultation it is at:     and maybe copy us in.  
If they are indigestible – you may like to look at:
although we imagine their members are West Londoners and might welcome a diversion of flights eastwards over Kentish Town – (Inkerman Area in particular!)
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2. Can people open your car remotely?!
John is on the Police Safer Neighborhoods Team Panel and reports:

I was asked by an IARA resident to raise the issue of remote hacking of cars’ central locking systems.

The SNT advised that there are 2 situations about which residents who own cars should be aware:

The first involves parking in large open car parks such as at supermarkets. Thieves use devices which block the electronic locking of car doors. You should always physically check that the doors are locked after you have pressed the button to lock even if it lights up and you hear a clicking sound.

The second situation is when you park the car in front of your house or flat, centrally lock it and leave the keys in the hallway or a room at the front of the house. Thieves use a device which can activate a signal and therefore activate the locking system from immediately outside the front of your house. You should NOT leave your car keys at the front of the house but place them as far away from the front as possible and preferably inside a container such as a tin to prevent unauthorised access to the signal. There are apparently special containers available for purchase online but a solid tin of any type should work.

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3. Camden are consulting on Estate Agent boards:

Estate agents boards have been the second highest type of planning enforcement complaint for the past 5 years.  The types of complaints range from the number of boards being displayed on a single building causing an area to look unattractive, to boards not being removed in a timely fashion.

Estate agents boards are a key issue for our residents and we want your help to tackle this problem.