Minutes of the AGM of Inkerman Area Residents Association 4 December 2017.

Minutes of the AGM of Inkerman Area Residents Association limited 4 December 2017.

Alma St: Charles C, Hilary B, Lesley A, Debby H, David J, Alison L, Brenda M, Dan O
Willes Rd: Jeff B, Diana B, Jean H, Adam L, Michele L, Belinda L, Sarah H, Don H, James H, Rosemary W, Debbie K, Victoria H, Emily B, Jonathan B, David P.

Raglan St: John N, Harriet C, Mary H, Robert L

Monmouth House: Darshan S, Paul B

Ryland Rd: Anne H, Sophie H, Gail N, Trisha M

Brinsmead: Chris C, Liz de K

Inkerman Rd: Nick W, Anne B, Sophie C

Grafton Rd: Jeremy B, Xavier L

Holmes Road: Judith L

Prince of Wales Road: Sandra S, Stephen S

Councillors: Jenny Headlam-Wells (from c 8.30)

Apologies: Cllr.Meric Apak, John H, Poppy S, Julia F, Patricia D, Paul S, Chrissie T, Iris, Dot G, Melanie R

Minutes of the last AGM held on 28 November 2016 were circulated. Acceptance of them was proposed by Robert, seconded by Adam. Passed unanimously.

Election of officers. This part of the meeting was chaired by John who invited nominations. Existing officers have agreed to stand again. This was proposed by Robert, seconded by Diana and there was unanimous support for their re-election and accordingly the Chair remains Debby, Secretary, David and Treasurer, Paul.

Chair’s report. See attached document. This was elaborated with a report that, as required by the constitution, the committee of officers met four times in the year and there were two public meetings.

Debby reported on contacts during the year with the police, councillors and officers of Camden.

She paid tribute to those who have maintained the gardens at the base of trees and in particular to Robert with his heroic efforts in replanting the rebuilt beds in Raglan Street.

Harriet has a contact in the school who may be able to provide access to water supply although there are apparently concerns about who has liability in the event of any flooding.

Debby also paid tribute to the planting in the garden in Holmes Road, originally designed by Dilip who also coordinates occasional working groups.

There are cups from Camden that have been awarded in previous years for best gardening in the street, and it was agreed that Don, who is responsible for much of the planting in Willes Road, and Robert should hold those.

There was mention of the newly named Figtree Walk which was apparently previously known as Dingdong Alley.

Magnet Site There was discussion about the works on the Magnet Site and we were told that work may have progressed enough on the upper parts for it to be inhabitable by students by the beginning of term in September 2018.

There was concern from a number of people about lorries parked in the street with their engines running, sometimes six or more and Jean asked that people take photographs of those and send them to the liaison group so the matter can be raised with the contractors.

French school. There was also concern about parking by parents and by a school bus at the French school and again the IARA/CFBL liaison group can take those matters up.

Play Street is taking place very successfully in Ryland Road on the last Sunday of every month. There is always has a need for more stewards.

Treasurer’s report. Paul had prepared a financial statement for the period 1.1.17 to 4.12.17 which was circulated. This shows a slight reduction in reserves, partly due to the increased costs of the summer fair which therefore made relaltively little profit.

Acceptance of the treasurer’s report was proposed by Robert and seconded by Jean then passed unanimously.

The Street Fair was reported on by Jonathan who said that Debby had been the main coordinator last year but will be stepping back and Jonathan will take the main role. It does require at least 12 people to share the load and there will be a meeting in mid January to start work, including fixing a date.

There was a very useful grant from the London Borough of Camden this year. There were some last minute panics which cost extra money but the event was well received and there were no complaints. Additional costs included the need for us to provide private security staff in view of police cuts.

Camden provided very good service in terms of road closure and rubbish clearance.

Debby reported the great work of David P who ran the booking for stalls.

Independent elders. Don reported on the meetings that have taken place and some action initiated by the group including installing the safety mirror in Grafton Road and the story telling group coordinated by Jean and Belinda. People with memories of the area were invited to contribute.

Hillary’s banner was introduced, explained and much admired.

Police liaison. John reported on the work of the Safer Neighbourhood Panel. At the time of very stretched police resources it is important to use them to the best effect and input about concerns very welcome. This is a low crime area but any concerns can be raised with John.

Diana raised the concerns about groups of young people causing problems in Monmouth house and John reported that there have been more regular police patrols.

There was discussion about moped muggings of mobile phones and snatches of laptops in cafes. One incident took place at the bus stop outside Lloyds bank where there is a cashpoint.

Police advise people to be more careful about using phones in public and to stand away from the edge of the pavement or in places where phones cannot be snatched.

Debby told the meeting that people can sign up with the safer neighbourhood team for regular reports.

Tenants Association in Monmouth House. The formation of a Tenants and Residents Association in Monmouth House was reported and was welcome. They can have representation on the Safer Neighbourhood Panel. Two members from Monmouth House were welcomed. Mel is not at this meeting as she is at the DMC.

Any other business: Nick reported on the formation of a small group to examine a revision of the Conservation Area Statement. The group had a first meeting in November with 13 people attending. The Conservation Area was formed in 2001 and may not be entirely consistent with modern policy on housing and in particular on the value of families remaining in the area.

There appears to be no active Conservation Area Consultative Committee and they are investigating starting one again with a plan to propose updates to guidelines.

They plan a survey of the area and hope to meet with counsellors. The next meeting will be on 14 December at 7.30 in the boardroom at the Grafton pub.

Debby reported on the local Well-Being Initiative by North London carers for people over 65 to refer people to relevant organisations, make small grants, provide blankets et cetera and encouraged people with elderly neighbours to refer them to this organisation.

Toy project. John reported on the small local charity shop in Tufnell Park which collects toys, recycles them and either gives them to necessary recipients such as parents in prison or are sold to help fund their work. If there are enough offers in the area a local collection could be arranged with a van. He encouraged people to go to the shop and buy toys.

Somali community. Jean raised the issue with the fact that there are a large number of Somali families in the area and we have no formal contact with them. She attended a gathering in Market Street of the Somali community and is concerned that with the growth of racism we need to be making good connections.

Debby reported on our efforts to engage families in Azania Mews which has had some success. The Summer Fair Is a good point of contact.

Empty Shops. Charles asked about empty shops including Blustons, Carpetright and the Pizza Express building. Debby reported what information we have. Robert reported that David Pearl Properties now own Blustons and are likely to make sure it is let.

Bike Hangars. Sophie raised the question of bike hangars of which there are now two in Ryland Road but none elsewhere. Sarah reported that they have put an application in 10 months ago and were still on the waiting list for one to be installed in Willes Road. It is not clear what consultation takes place before this can happen and Debby agreed to make enquiries.

There was concern that the hangar at the bottom of Ryland Road not does not feel very safe for some people trying to use it late at night because of groups of youths in the area.

Adam mentioned problems with French parents parking in Willes Road and that two residents parking places had been given up for coach parking.

The meeting closed with a vote of thanks proposed by Robert to the officers.