May 15 update: Alma Street mini-fair, Parking Scheme, Tube Closure.

Not the Alma Street Fair 2023, but … 

There is a plan for a much smaller, local event to go ahead on 9 July, which will be a chance for our community to get together and, at the same time, to support MAP café.Plans are at an early stage, but will include an afternoon with music, food and drink in the MAP end of Inkerman (as far as Willes Road).  We’ll put tables out for anyone who wants to bring food to share and those eating can donate to MAP – who will also have some hot food to sell. 

There won’t be stalls, but there’s an idea for a kind of yard sale on the day, so anyone in the Inkerman area who has a front area or steps can put stuff out to sell or give away.  We may also have some open houses and gardens to showcase art, gardening and other green issues like a fully insulated house with heat pump etc. 

We’re also hopeful that the brilliant parade that we had last year will turn up! 

And for the Alma Street Fair 2024 … 

Planning will start early – probably in October, when we will be holding meetings to encourage people to get involved and take on some of the organisation. 

More on all this soon!

Consultation on possible changes to our parking scheme (CA-L) 

Currently the parking controls in our area are Monday – Friday, 8.30 am – 6.30 pm   Camden are suggesting they be extended both ends of the day and should be 8.00 am – 7.30 pm. They are also asking if there should be controlled parking on weekend days.  

Everyone should have had a consultation document through their letterbox. It is quite long but a lot of it applies to other areas in Camden.  We only need to complete page 5 – are you a resident? etc. and then pages 9 and 10 for the questions about hours.  You can answer page 13 about bicycle parking and electric charge points.  And you can answer the last three pages on Equalities and Diversity Monitoring.  

IARA has no view without a mandate. The only question seems to be if people feel it is hard to find a parking space when they need one during those additional hours. 

In case you didn’t get one through the door, or if you’d rather reply online, here’s what they’ve sent us: 

The CA-L parking zone has now reopened. The attached booklet has been sent to local residents, businesses and stakeholders. You have until the 16th June to comment either on the paper form or on the online version via the link below. 

Kentish Town tube closing for a year, and a bus stop missing 

You’ve probably all heard that our local tube station will be closed for a year while they do work on it.  (Unfortunately this does not include installing a lift). 

At the same time the northbound bus stop will be gone from outside the old car wash. 

We’ve had this from local councillors: 

“ I just wanted to follow up about a campaign that we are running as Kentish Town councillors. As you will have heard, the Tube station will be closing on 26 June for up to a year due to escalator replacement.  

However, as the station closes, the station’s northbound bus stop (KF – outside the carwash) will be closing for several months while construction works take place. This will limit how people can travel to the Northern Line alternatives at Tufnell Park and Archway on the 134, and accessing Parliament Hill and Highgate on the 88 and 214. It will most affect those with mobility issues, such as those residents who use the Greenwood Centre.

At a time when people will rely more on buses, we want to see a proper replacement bus stop for Kentish Town Station, so we have launched a petition to call on TfL to find an alternative.  

The petition is available here: “ 

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