Magnet site -why you might want to object

Many thanks to those of you who have already emailed or written to Camden with comments on the new planning application for the Magnet site.  Some people have asked for points they can make in their letter of objection, and Don has kindly summarised for us:

  -over-development of a site in a Conservation Area where houses  are only three stories high and which are family oriented.

 -there is no social housing or benefit in the project.

 -it removes an existing business which employs local people.

 -over-concentration of student accommodation in this area because there is existing student accommodation in Holmes Road,

 -over-concentration of student accommodation in the Kentish Town area with two developments under construction nearby in Harmood Street and Bartholomew Road.

 -there is no tertiary institution in the area to be served by this project.

 -the height of the building will seriously affect the residents of the adjacent  Azania Mews by curtailing their natural light.

 -the upper floors of this project will directly over look the playgrounds of the kindergarten and junior sections of the French School opposite, thus violating the school’s playground privacy.

 -there is no Section 106 agreement to prevent occupants from obtaining parking permits and thus affecting already scarce Residents Parking.

 -the profile of a building of this height will create an uncomfortable vortical flow of wind along Cathcart Street.

 -the construction of such a building will create hazards and dangers for the movement of the 350 children aged between 4 and 9 whose school entrance is opposite the site.

 -the design of a 1960’s slab building next to the carefully restored Board School will make it an eyesore and reflect badly on those who authorise it.

 -the arrival of such a large number of students will provide a potential increase in evening/night-time noise in this quiet residential area.

 -student accommodation is short-term and transitory and brings little in the way of involvement with the local community or stability to the existing residential area.

 -the immediate area is a Conservation area of mainly 1850’s buildings – the proposed building makes no attempt to blend in.

 people could use some/all of these pointsto try to stop this extra storey and the increase in numbers.

 Either e-mail to  quoting reference 2012/6548/P

 or by letter to  Mr. Richard McEllistrum
                      Regeneration and Planning Development Management
 London Borough of Camden,   Town Hall,                       
                      Judd Street  
London WC1H 8ND  

quoting reference 2012/6548/P   

or by entering comments directly on-line at  “search for planning applications online…”  for  2012/6548/P