Magnet Site – new planning application

You will remember that in December 2011 The Planning Inspector allowed an appeal by the developer of the Magnet Site, 65 – 69 Holmes Road.  This meant that, despite all the local objections, permission was granted to build a part six, part three storey building to provide student accommodation comprising 277 student rooms.
We had wondered when work might start on this development, and were anticipating liaison with the developer and the contractors to reduce the impact on  the neighbourhood as far as possible.
Now we know why work has not started.  There is a new application for a new, bigger plan:

Planning applications (by property).
Application Number: 2012/6548/P, Type: Full Planning Permission, Address:
65- 69 Holmes Road  London  NW5 3AN, Ward: Kentish Town,
Proposal: Erection of part seven, part three storey building with two basement levels to provide student accommodation comprising 313 student rooms housed within 278 units with ancillary facilities (sui generis), office use (Class B1) at lower basement and ground floor level.
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The developer clearly hopes that objectors are worn out, Camden Council (who refused the previous application) will not have the budget or the stomach for another fight, and they will be allowed to increase the size of their monster project.
Can we prove them wrong?  If you think we can then please write or email the council.  You can add comments by going to the website, searching by application number, going into the application and going to “add comments here”.  The current deadline is 25-01-2013.  Please email us with a copy of your objection.
We should point out that, if the new application fails, the developer can of course still go ahead with the agreed plans.