Lottery Winners Alma St Fair


With a massive thanks to all our donors – and to everyone who contributed to the very successful fair:

The winners are

1: 01881  purple: A brilliant kids bike from Lunar Cycles, off Grafton Road. (and this has been claimed at the fair see below)

2:00210 blue: six months vegetables supply from Veg Box.

3: 00515 orange: dinner and drinks at the Grafton and a show at MAP café

4: 00352: blue: six months of haircuts from flaxton ptootch in the high Street.

5: 01493: green: wine and dine for four at The Abbey Tavern.

6:  01341: green: three fine food vouchers from Earth, Harry’s and Phoenicia.

7:  00541: orange: three fine food vouchers from Earth, Harry’s and Phoenicia.

(yes that  is a deliberate repeat…)

8:  01056: green: a Fortnum and Masons hamper of food, beauty products and magazines

9: 00238: blue: £100 worth of tattoo time from Scratchline in the high Street

10: 01501: purple: arts and culture: the Kentish Town arts map, whole book tokens and art stuff from Morgans Stationers.

11: 01310: green: three square meals for two in Kentish Town: breakfast at Mario’s, lunch at Arancinis, dinner at the Land And Unicorn.

12: 00217: blue: the Gardener’s delight: a consultation with Dilip Lakhani and flowers from the Garden of Abandon.