Local food and drink etc.

There was / is a posting on this website for our first attempt in 2012 – Local venues and other cultural links 2012. We’ve left it there for historic purposes. ie the Grafton Arms had just be rehabilitated … and the George pub was still going!

This is an update in 2024:

It is triggered by an exchange on the WhatsApp group – now 212 strong and very (hyper?)active.

ITALIAN RESTAURANTS. The question was …. Any suggestions for Italian restaurants? 

Answers: (with a note of any agreeing icons + added by others – or disagreeing -)

Rosella, opposite the vine.   Lisa.  Rosella – great atmosphere, food and lovely staff   Kate  +1  Rosella  – busy and no nonsense – closed on Sundays which I always like – they have their “own” wine just don’t call it house as I did and got a 20 minute lecture on its origins   Gordon. 

Recommend 500…Holloway Rd opposite Aldi…Great place, small menu   Gill

How can you beat Aime Cuore?? I know the food isn’t cheap. But you can still take your own wine. We ate for about £35 per head. With our own wine. Fantastic for sophisticated food.  Vivienne +2, -1 

Trullo by Highbury and Islington is brilliant    Maria + 3 

Delicious in The High Street by Franco is also good. Brilliantly wacky and old-fashioned.   Dee +3

Ciao Bella on Lamb’s Conduit Street. An institution. Ok, Italian for  an English palate but always packed and an authentic trattoria atmosphere. Nice people.

Oi Vita! Newington Green. Best Pizza in London by a country mile. Tiny, book, they knock out a lot of pizzas. But they recently won the London Pizza Championships. A big pizza, but totally light and digestible.  Simon +1

Summary:  By Gary

All good choices so very much depends on occasion and budget.

Trullo: pricey but really good and a good atmosphere

Anima e cuoro: local, really good food, rubbish atmosphere but that’s also its charm.

Delicious by Franco: local, but very authentic but a bit kitsch

Rosella: good family fayre, medium prices, deli out front, good provenance of ingredients, excellent value lunchtime restaurant

Domino’s pizza: oh sorry, you asked for Italian

TRADITIONAL BREAKFAST – [see also general restaurants that will appear below in due course..]

David  Grafton: Lion unicorn  

Gary Willes: Lion & Unicorn, Marios and Café Renoir in KT also recommended.  I’m giving you the “English” breakfasts only here.  

My Favourite, however, has got to be *Sam’s Café* in Primrose Hill:  if you can get in!

The Parakeet is great but pricey.  Colonel Fawcett further down in Camden.

Dee: Bull and Last (again, if you can get in) and Parliament Hill cafe (near the bandstand on Hampstead Heath).

Harriet: Kenwood House cafe  

Alma: Pedros the best  

Jonathan: Mario’s is the classic Italian greasy spoon cafe (not open on Sunday – Tuesday each week); Renoir is good; York & Albany (top of Parkway in Camden Town) is brilliant on every level but only open for breakfast at the weekend [closed now June 2024] as is the Lion & Unicorn.

Summary by David at some point: Previous voting was…

Mario is ahead with six votes or positive reactions. Troy in Holmes Road has got three, Renoir and Sams have got two and Normans, Cinnamon Village in Fortess Road , Rustique also Fortess Road. Greenberry Regents Park Road. , Kentish Town stores, Rembrandt, 🦁 and 🦄 and Pedro and Town café have all got two votes each.   Crepes a la Carte further down the High Street.   To be added to in due course.