IARA Update 28.4.20

Dear Members

Firstly, we hope everyone is well. If you need any help (shopping, some virtual company …) please let us know.  There are lots of friendly people willing to help out.

Kentish Town Health Centre have been delighted with the masks several of you have made for them. Sophie has forwarded this amazing picture of a selection recently delivered to the centre.

They write:

The masks have gone down an absolute storm! My colleagues are currently rummaging through the bag like it’s Christmas! The flamingo material is particularly popular and as i suspected the brighter jazzier fabric is being snapped up.

I hear you want feedback on the type of fixings – I think on the whole the behind the ear fixings are preferred but really it’s a small point.

They are going like hot cakes so if you and your team do have any more I am sure we would give them a good home but I am aware that we cannot hog all the supplies and others need them too

Thank you once again, you’ve made our days”

So many thanks to the sewing team and all who have provided fabric, elastic, etc. More masks are still needed and  Annabel writes:

Kind neighbours are providing fabric etc but more is welcome. New but unwanted shirts are excellent. 

We’ve used loads of T shirt fabric for the ties (instead of elastic). T shirts made of 100% cotton work less well than the ones that have elastane (Lycra) in the mix, so it’s worth checking labels.”

You can leave bags of fabric etc. outside 9 Inkerman for Sophie or on the tall iron gate at 44 Raglan for Annabel.

IARA WhatsApp group

We know that some streets have their own WhatsApp groups and the IARA one now has over 20 members. It’s getting friendly and has been really helpful re face mask making, rainbows and trees. If you want to join just let us have your mobile number. 


Jan writes re Camden Foodbank food supplies –

Vouchers issued to clients can be fulfilled at any Foodbank. Currently, Chalk Farm Foodbank have plenty of food and are able to give full bags to people. They are also able to deliver in some cases. They are open on Thursdays 10.30 til about 1 (not entirely sure at the moment as I think they were staying open longer than usual).

The banks that are in need of donations (food or money are Camden Town https://camden.foodbank.org.uk/ and Euston https://euston.foodbank.org.uk/

and on the subject of food …

Violaine, the neighbourhood’s very own baker from Raglan Street, has sent this:

I have started baking breads again ? so if you think IARA members could be interested here is a short presentation. And still, if anyone is in urgent need let me know, I am more than happy to offer some!

The Bread Next Door

Every Wednesday morning, freshly baked sourdough bread delivered at your doorstep. Handmade in Kentish town with organic flour, water, salt and natural yeast culture.

More information : Violaine 07522705414 / violaine@consciousdelights.com and www.consciousdelights.com

Give non-British citizens who are NHS workers automatic citizenship

Julia has reminded us that there is this petition: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/305129 which is more than half way to its target of 100,000 signatures. If it reaches that it has to be debated in Parliament. It feels like one that may have cross party support, acknowledging the massive contribution non-British workers are making to the NHS.

Sharing resources – gardening, diy …

Emily sent us this a little while ago (apologies for the delay in posting it)

I am just emailing in reference to your borrowing items idea last email which I thought was great, we have a wallpaper steamer if anyone wants to use it if they are in the midst of DIY right now. I also have a few gardening tools that I can lend – lopers, pruning saw, fork, secateurs, hand trowel and forkemily.blackmore88@googlemail.co

[We, D&D, are also prepared to lend usual garden tools like spade, fork, rake, trowel, but also quite strong parrot bill, and our 10 foot long handled pruner.]  

Also, I was on Gardeners World website and I know you are probably wanting to support the local garden centre but I thought you might be interested in the offers that are detailed on there to supplement the plants you are going to buy – there is an offer for 40 lavender plants for paying postage only and 10 perennial plants for £10 – here’s the website if it is helpful https://www.gardenersworld.com/offers/gardening-offers/ I guess many nurseries are probably going to lose a lot of stock so are offering it off cheap rather than sadly throwing it away.

We’ve also been in touch with a new project set up to save and sell on plants from nurseries forced to close: https://plantsavers.co.uk/


Street trees

The first priority is to identify the new trees and ensure that people are taking responsibility for watering them.

Dilip has kindly forwarded to us a map of newly planted trees from Camden.

Obviously we don’t know everything that everyone is doing but the trees that we have identified as being new are:

Four in Alma St. We are taking responsibility for the northern two and Dilip is taking responsibility for the southern two. This is separate from the tongue in cheek mini garden that we have created outside of number 49 with Gill who is taking responsibility.

There are two down the bottom of Anglers Lane and Maggie has kindly agreed to adopt those.

There are four along Prince of Wales Road going towards the High Street on our side and Sarah has very kindly agreed to water those – quite a major enterprise that means she needs to drive down with her watering cans and buckets.

Going west along Prince of Wales Road there are four new ones on our side and we have one of them adopted and are negotiating for the other three.

Going up Grafton there don’t appear to be any new trees on the map although that may be wrong

The map shows two new trees at the top end of Willes – about level with number 50.

There are also several now in the green space around Monmouth house and Alpha Court. We don’t know who is taking responsibility for those will be happy to hear about that.

– – – – – – – – –

Tree Gardens and a Survey of Street trees. 

As a separate project there is the question of the small gardens in the tree bases which maybe we can just call Tree Gardens? Many have been adopted but some are orphans. To plan this and to increase appreciation generally might it be good to have a survey of the street trees?  Which is where TreeTalk comes in.

We put a mention in our last bulletin of this new app “TreeTalk“ which is a remarkable project in which almost every tree in London is identified on the street maps with the interactive facility where you click on the location of the tree, it names it and gives you a description.

On some of them it shows you a photo so you can really check they’ve got it right. And just occasionally the photo actually shows the location in our streets. There is quite a lot of information which might increase anybody’s appreciation of the trees. 

More of that later or in a separate email as it may overload this bulletin, but to kick off the survey, I have done a survey of the ones in Alma St and found some mistakes and some updating is needed.  The organisers were very friendly and appreciative. 

I suggest that perhaps we all work on the basis of starting at the north or the East End of streets and heading south or west and identifying the tree by the house number it is outside of.

More of all of that in a later email and on the website.