IARA Update 10.5.20

Dear Members

Things feel very quiet at the moment. We hope everyone is doing ok. It’s been great seeing people (from a safe distance) on their doorsteps during the lovely weather.

Green issues

Boma –the garden centre in Islip Street – is now open for online orders and deliveries: www.bomagardencentre.co.uk

Lots happening at Transition Town’s Think and Do site – to get on their mailing list email info@transitionkentishtown.org.uk

We are delighted with the response we’ve had for keeping the young street trees watered. All the ones in our area now have someone looking after them, and some of the new planting in the tree pits is beginning to show results. This is not to forget an appreciation for all the people who have been planting, maintaining and watering tree pits in the streets for years – particular thanks to Chris for keeping the Raglan Street garden looking so lovely.

Elders zoom meeting

We’re having our first virtual meeting for some of the elders group this Wednesday morning at 11. If you’re not already on the Elders mailing list and would like to join (no lower age limit) let us know and we can send you details.


Paul and John have sent us this:

We have seen a spate of bags of rubbish, including garden cuttings and garden waste being left on the pavements. These are sometimes left adjacent to Camden Council litter bins or our trees.

Apart from the fact that this is regarded as fly tipping which carries a fine of up to £2500, it creates a nuisance for residents who live nearby because;

The once a week pavement sweepers and bin collectors will not pick up fly tipped rubbish, even if left next to litter bins– it will be left until it is reported separately.

You can report fly tipping via https://www.camden.gov.uk/fly-tipping-street-obstructions or use the app: https://www.camden.gov.uk/clean-camden or just APP store > Clean Camden. It is quite clever: you take a picture and it automatically locates it and you just say what sort ot rubbish it is and press send. And it usually get quite a quick response.

A bag of rubbish can act as a magnet for others to dump their rubbish and a build up occurs;

Any bags that include food waste are often torn open by animals, creating more mess and inconvenience;

Our neighbours affected by this nuisance are left to contact Veolia to arrange for the fly tipping to be removed;

It creates more work for Veolia and more cost to the Council to deal with this activity.

On a general point, we have discussed before issues with Camden’s garden waste collections. The Council charges £75 a year for a weekly collection of 3 white bags. Perhaps residents who need occasional collections but who don’t need 3 bags collected a week could get together with other residents to contribute towards the cost? If you are interested in looking into this further, email IARA your details and we will put you in touch with each other.”

Masks and scrubs
The valiant sewing team continue to churn out supplies for the NHS and recently received this appreciation from KT Health Centre:

The 2nd batch of masks were as big a hit as the first. It’s like Christmas when people see the bag arrive, thank you so much!”

Book and DVD exchange?

Harriet is suggesting a way of exchanging books and DVDs

Her friend says she sends out pictures of the spines of books & DVDs on offer. People respond if they are interested. Some of us may feel cautious about this at the moment, but if you like the idea and are ok with sharing your contact details we are happy to pass on recommendations and maybe images of items you are willing to loan or pass on. If they have not been handled since the virus and people wash their hands before handling them now, there should be no danger of infection.


Tapping the Admiral – For those of you who used to enjoy the pies at the pub at 77 Castle Street you’ll be pleased to know that they are now doing take away (including delivery on Tuesdays and Thursdays) You can ring the cook, Matt on 07931 044636 after 18.00 and place an order Monday to Saturday.

Tackling Social Isolation Amongst the Seniors

We recently met (via Zoom) two RCA Students who are working on a project in collaboration with Camden Council to tackle social isolation among older people. We had an interesting discussion, largely focussed (from our point of view) on the fact that there is a lot happening in communities already, and within this particular area there are many very active and involved older people. They have now sent us the final version of their survey, and would be pleased if you would have a look at it https://radhikaagrawal264884.typeform.com/to/l5csvP

Local History

Martin and Etienne in Ryland Road have been doing a fantastic job with daily updates for their street, including a number of pieces about local history. We have (with their permission) copied some of these to the IARA website https://www.inkermanresidents.org.uk/category/historyand will continue to upload more, so if you’re interested do keep having a look.

And when we meet again …

… face to face, what shall we do? People are looking forward to celebrating – maybe on a street by street basis, with some food, drink, maybe some music, dancing … This may be a distant dream, but nice to start thinking and maybe planning.


The app is proving very useful in discussions about trees, masks, finding volunteers to help with shopping etc. If you’d like to join the group, let us know (with your phone number)