Great Success of Street Event 4 July 2010

We have had a great many positive comments on the Summer Event. And no complaints.

So many people contributed that it will take some time to prepare a proper report and the accounts – but we must highlight immediately the amazing work of Diana who is the main inspiration and has worked for months on the project.

She was supported by an amazing team of Dan plus Tony based at Flaxton Ptootch who was the stage manager, Michael proprietor of Flaxton Ptootch who was a source of energy and ideas. See other pic at Camden New Journal websit:

(If you’ve got some good pics – send them to us and we will try and get them onto the website – talk of opening a Facebook)

Mary Hill organised the raffle – hard work and a great result with generous prizes from the High Street traders.

Sarah Harvey did the great artwork and produced loads of leaflets, posters etc.

And David MC’d as ever.

Dangerous to list these as there are innumerable important people worked amazingly hard during the run up and on the day – it would be good to salute them all properly – along with the generous sponsors and donors of prizes – and we hope to as soon as we can sort it all out.

We all feel rather exhausted but we have had one follow up meeting to review the day and plan the next one.

Contact us if you want to be involved.