We had a great party last weekend. Lots of people and happenings.

Many thanks to Diana who organised it and Chris and his staff at MAP café (corner of Inkerman and Grafton) who hosted it in his smart new first floor venue.

And more thanks to Giles Abbott the storyteller and Kate Dent from Willes, who played the violin and David Storey also from Willes who played a mean piano and harmonica….. and Charles Collett also from Alma who told a story and loads of other people who came and sang and clapped and had a good time.

A bit of good news is that Chris is moving in to live in Willes.
Another great thing is that there are suddenly lots more children living in the area – after several years of a declining children population.

And some have been very helpful in the gardening under trees – ‘gorilla gardening’ as Sean, prizewinning street gardener in Ryland Road says… (yes – joke intended)

More good news re The Old Board School in Holmes Road, latterly Kingsway College…. at the recent IARA meeting there was a substantial vote in favour of keeping it in educational use and not allowing the obvious conversion to residential.

And lo and behold…. It is going to be new premises of the French School in London … more information is being sought.

And on the subject of Holmes Rd and planning issues – the Magnet Site is up for grabs. Planning application refused and they are appealing. More planning battles in Holmes Road at No 55.
We will keep you posted.

Meanwhile we are working slowly on building up to a Spring Green Meeting – including gathering the practical experience of members in terms of home improvements, insulation, new windows, solar panels etc. Please contact us if you have something to contribute or other suggestions.

And in light of the great success of the Christmas party and the way it nearly took off with singing and dancing ….. dare we suggest we could build on that and have a party next autumn with more song and dance? In addition of course to the early Summer Street Event and next year’s Christmas party.

D & D