Grafton Road timed road closure

We believe that most homes in the area have received a consultation paper about this. But to summarise:

You may know that Grafton road is a commuter rat run which blights the road and Camden introduced tidal flow measures – to prevent southbound traffic in the mornings and northbound in the evenings. They did this with a mechanical system of a ‘rising bollard’ at the Gospel Oak end of the road. This was repeatedly vandalised by people who found it interfered with their ‘local residential’ use of the road. It was replaced with signs restricting traffic and cameras which recorded breaches.

Camden is now consulting on what times there should be restrictions. They are now southbound 7 – 11 am and northbound 3 – 8 pm. They have offered three choices:

# Keep as it is.
# Reduce closure times by 30 min.
# Reduce closure times by one hour.

We have no particular sense of what members would like and so we hope we can have some response to this. Deadline 26 January.

Responsible officer:
Raina Mulrooney 020 7974 6119