Gardening and Green Group

The Gardening and Green Group has met twice.

We have surveyed the area and agreed we will concentrate on the area on Raglan Street where members have planted and maintained the raised beds there for some years. It is very hard to keep them watered and this has involved heroic work by a small number of people with watering cans.

We have agreed to buy a ‘bowser’ – a large water tank on wheels to allow watering while we investigate the possibility of arranging some plumbed in irrigation system. We hope to put in more plants there including creepers to cover the wall, conceal the deterioration and reduce graffiti. We are also planning a mural.

We are contacting the council about the missing trees in the streets – including the recently removed one in Inkerman. We are suggesting more suitable tree species than have sometimes been used. We have a qualified Horticulturist in the area who is advising us. We hope to continue and support the work of some members who have planted and maintain mini-gardens at the base of some street trees.

We are approaching the Council and the owners of the George to see if we can get improvements to the area opposite the George in Holmes Rd. If you are interested in getting involved please contact us.