Full report of the Alma Street Fair

In making the report and thanks  – we are bound to leave people out – so advance apologies – and let us know what you think ….  see the other posting Great day etc…  then…

The pictures!

First: – follow this link  http://t.co/dBrnKOFc for the brilliant panorama by Billy Boyd Cape.   You can see Mr Hudson and Rosie Oddie and BIGkids band and then the whole crowd.

Second: – see Kentishtowner local blog – it has a good coverage:


Third: – There are more great pictures of the Fair from Daniel Witters at


[If you want a high-res version of any of these, for printing or publishing, contact Daniel at witters@hotmail.com and he’ll send you the specific shot you want (please name check him if you do use any of his photos)].

Fourth:  Our pics: (and please send in any good ones you may have)

Strangely empty road before it all began:

Hilary and Wendy and their crew  ran the childrens’ section:

Lots of water play, lots of happy children.

Loads of local stalls – great food and stuff to buy and do:

Some great local bands and singers:  small collection of pics:

The French School:

The Gospel Choir:

Local singers wowing the crowd

Lots of business for the loos:

Mary, friends and the Raffle

Paul Seviour was the main organiser and writes:

I would like to thank the committee for their support to me as Chair this year.

We made certain changes this year. Partly we just wanted to respond to a feeling from the area that it should be a bit smaller and quieter and more local.

This year to showcase local performers we had youngsters and older teenagers/ young people and also more women performers. The music performers were:

Camden Community Choir; The French School Choir; Brecknock School; Jonny Berliner; Jane Hindle and friends; David Mctee; Tipsy Gypsies; Moses; Kreation; Banji; Radfax; Will Hunt; Rough Science; The Shed; Laura Koonjean; Ivan & The Wolves and BIGkids

We also wanted to increase the diversity of activities for children.

We made sure that there were lots of things for children, such as games, face painting, sculpture making with people from the Zabludowicz Gallery, bunting making workshops before the Fair, t shirt printing and lots more.

Older children had the benefit of the Arsenal in the Community football challenge.

For grown ups, we had a very diverse range of art in Art Street including a gallery, an installation shed and lots of art by local artists. Thanks for this to Mel Hardwick and Nelly Curtis.

Of course on top of that, we had local residents with their stalls ranging from home made food and crafts, to bric and brac and books written by local authors and music for sale made by local musicians.

We wish to thank our sponsors for their generous support which contributed to making the occasion a fantastic success and without which it would not have been possible.

The Abbey Tavern, Ace Sports, Arrancini Brothers, Arsenal in the Community, Bell Brush Company, Bird and Davies, Camden Town Brewery, (Jasper, Harold and Ilmars) Chesterton Humberts, Cleo Cakes, Earth Foods, Fifth Column Ltd, Flaxon Ptootch, Jewsons, Kentish Canteen, The Lion & Unicorn, Live Audio Production, Lunar Cycles, Map Café, Ruby Violet Ice Creams, Apple Hot Dogs, Morgans Stationers, Owl Bookshop, Salter Rex, Sarah Harvey, Selnews, Dan Roberts for printing. St. Patricks school for the main stage and The Assembly House for the accoustic stage. Fifth Column for T-Shirts, Morgans for free copying, and other businesses in Kentish Town for raffle prizes and support.

We also had a wider range of food available from local businesses from many of the above, and also including Delicious, Lahore Masala House, Bean About Town, Pane Vino.

We had a big representation of local charity and voluntary groups such as Crossroads Women’s Centre, Women and Health, Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum, Transition Kentish Town, Home-Start Camden, Kentish Town Community Centre, Camden Cycling Campaign, The Kentish Town City Farm, St Lukes Church, Noahs Ark Childrens Hospice and a stall on burglary prevention by Kentish Town Safer Neighbourhood Team.

Thanks to Hilary Barnes and Wendy McKaig for setting up and running the very successful children’s area – see pictures.

and to……….

Mary Hill for organising the raffle, getting prizes from local businesses and getting the tickets printed etc. She and John Nicholson ran it all day with the help of the glamorous Information women and all the other raffle ticket sellers. And John for massive general helping throughout including organising the Stalls.

Sarah Harvey for the fantastic and iconic artwork for the Alma Street fair poster.

Gill Reed for first aid, raffle selling and lots of other things and James Reed for a massive amount of work on the day.

St Patrick’s School for the loan of the main stage and Joe for bringing it round and assembling.

Michael Ptootch for his support, planning and the cocktails.

People who just turned up and offered help on the day (We don’t have all their names); residents of Alma, Inkerman and Cathcart for their general support for the Fair, including all the people who provided electricity, water and other assistance on the day;

Jeremy Ledlin, for all the meetings he hosted at the Abbey, the barriers and other equipment and all his support, transport, plus cleaning up at the end.  Don Hibbs for working flat out, especially at both ends of the day.

Debby, Diana, Zizzy and Katy who ran the IARA bar, Clare and Ben for coming along and lending a hand, and the huge support of Camden Town Brewery.

Sgt Peter Ryan and his colleagues from the Safer Neighbourhoods Team.
Radha,  and  Assim Khan who stage managed on the day and Gareth who was brilliant on the sound equipment.  David who compere’d for the 5th year.  Aisha Khan – our youngest committee member.

Dan Carrier for the DigitSiundsystem and stage.

We would like to thank the clear up efforts, especially those residents who heeded the call to put bins out and helped with the clean up later (Diana, Don, Jeremy and Norma who all worked so hard). Special thanks to Paul from The BellBrush Company who donated loads of brooms and other equipment to help with the clean up.

Diana for the last four years brilliant organising and for hard work on the day, including sweeping up at the end.

I have a personal note of thanks to Tony Shea. We had many meetings together preparing for the event, making suggestions and generally helping me keep focused on the things that needed attention. He also took ownership of the timetabling and liaison with the performers before the day. On the day, he managed and produced the performance stages including setting  up and taking down. Without his very hard work, it would not have been the success it was.

And finally, sorry if we have not mentioned anyone who helped or supported in any way!