Follow up on Summer Event, planning the next one – and even a Winter Fair!

We’ve had a meeting to follow up the summer event – see notes below. People were so enthusiastic that there are plans for a winter event. It would be great to have more people involved at the planning stage – so come to the next planning meeting to be held at MAP (corner of Inkerman and Grafton) 7 pm Tuesday 28 August.

Follow up meeting from the Summer Event.

All agreed it has been great fun and a success. Agree start to plan another one as soon as possible…. We then got so enthusiastic that we started planning a Winter Fair as well … see below….

Comments and ideas:


1. Chose time and event so no date clashes for next year with regards to other street events or park fetes etc. Aim to have it before the end of school term as many people go on holiday as soon as term ends.

2. Set the date as early as possible giving everyone plenty of notice.

3. Marquee/gazebo to protect stage and music against bad weather.

4. Contact Camden Council to see if they can provide stall marquees like the green and white stripe ones over the fruit veg. stalls in Inverness street. (or anything similar)

5. Advertise event in Camden New Journal.

6. Organise and involve recycling and street clearing earlier in an attempt to get more commitment.

7. Post the poster advertising event locally and on the IARA website.


1. Through the above this should generate more interest and hopefully have more stall holders participating making the event bigger and more profitable.

2. Raffle did brilliantly – more tickets for next street affair and possibly other tables similar like Œguess the weight of a Christmas cake‚ as these generate income…

3. Continue with stalls being £5 a table but aim for more stalls


1. Pony walking – a small charge for this per ride – something that could be exciting for little children.

2. History Table – add a large scale map.

3. General street map for connecting people giving information of who lives where (it was also suggested to chalk on the pavements of the actual street event road the names of who lives at each address)

4. Piñata – A piñata is a decorated clay or papier-mâché jar filled with sweets and hung from the ceiling or tree branch. The piñata is usually decorated as an animal or bird (often a donkey). To play the game, children are blind folded and take it in turns to tap the piñata with a stick until it splits open and the sweets pour out. Then the children rush to pick

up as many sweets as they can!

5. Table area for sitting and eating.

6. Fancy dress competition for children – judge awards

7. Continue with egg and spoon race.

8. Continue with raffle.

9. Stilt walking and clowns – contact Mime Theatre Company in Haverstock Hill, Town Hall (WAC organisation)

10. Lucky dip.

11.Best front garden/window box competition.

12. Chess competition/teams – could be something that continues throughout the day.

13. Dart competition and safe area – could be sponsored by a local pub.

14. Bouncy Castle.

15. Continue with face painting – maybe have a few volunteers who rotate each hour so relief is given.

16. Continue with drinks table.


1. Music to kick off the event at 12 noon.

2. More general mix – so people of all ages can dance to.


1. An IARA meeting to be held in March to organise event.

2. May/June 2008 for actual summer event no.2

————————————————– —————————————————


1. Sat 24th November 12noon – 6pm.

2. “The Month before Christmas” poster title


1. Mulled wine, hot spiced drinks – rum, apple, ciders etc…….

2. Toffee apples

3. Central food table where people layout and for a small charge per plate people help themselves

4. Gospel Choir

5. Brass Band

6. Guess the weight of the Christmas cake competition

7. Raffle

8. Tarpaulin/coverage to be erected from the Map building to the opposite side of Inkerman road – Bartlett Glass and residential corner houses – permission from owners yet to be given.

9. Stalls Christmas Presents. ……..

10. Christmas trees, door wreaths etc…….