Dalby Street

We have received a consultation document from Camden about road changes in Prince of Wales Road to accommodate the development allowed by Camden on the Dalby Street Site. This is just outside our area and we have no sense of members’ views. We would be pleased to hear from you. Camden Council writes:

??We are asking for your views on the Council’s proposals for highway (road) improvements on Prince of Wales Road at Dalby Street, near Kentish Town West Railway Station and Talacre Open Space.??

??The reason for this scheme is to provide improvements for pedestrians and road users, as well as to change the road layout to accommodate the new development on Dalby Street. The development, for which planning permission was granted on 10 January 2006, would build on Dalby Street itself and provide a new, private access road in its place, nearer to the railway line.??

“Full details of the consultation”:http://www.camden.gov.uk/ccm/content/council-and-democracy/having-your-say/consultations/prince-of-wales-rd—highway-improvement-works/consultation-on-prince-of-wales-road-highway-improvement-works.en are available on the Camden Council website. If you respond, please copy us in.

As regards the actual developement – when we were consulted some years ago we considered this to be a vast and ugly over-development, looming over the railway line and bridge and the Open Space. But that argument is long past.

“Details of the building scheme”:http://planningonline.camden.gov.uk/WAM//findCaseFile.do;jsessionid=EF335D382DC8A7DD07A3374340D0BCA8?address=Dalby%20Street are also available on the Council website.