Current Affairs – ie Coronary Virus issues

These are the emails we have been sending out recently:

Dear All

We’ve been amazed and touched by the number of responses we’ve had to the email about the coronavirus. It’s lovely to have confirmation that we live in such a strong and supportive community.

We now have details of over 40 people willing to help.

We also learned that Raglan Street and Willes Road have set up their own support networks, and there is activity on Next Door, and a Facebook group – Covid-19 Mutual Aid. Please let us know if there are other groups you know about.

We do live in what is quite a privileged area but there may be others in the wider area who need help and it would be good to know if people are willing to offer help a bit further away. Some people have already offered this. We’re also glad to know that Mel, who helped set up the Tenants and Residents Association in Monmouth House, is planning to leaflet the flats there asking whether people need help.

We’re in the process of talking to Age UK Camden about getting in touch with older people who may be isolated and need help. We’re also aware that any of us (not just the older ones) could have to, or want to, self isolate. So do let us know if you yourself need someone to help with shopping or errands – or if you know someone else who does.

Another way of helping would be to support local food banks who are low on food donations – or donate money at

If the schools close, there may also be charities that will try to provide meals for children who would otherwise have had a school dinner – if anyone has information about this do let us know.

On a more cheerful note, Transition Town is organising some nice outdoor planting events – starting with Wildflower sowing next Saturday.