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INSERT 22.3.2012  :  good advice from the police for I-phone owners…

Local officers are repeating their request to users of mobile Apple devices to install and activate the free Find My Iphone App after recovering a stolen Iphone following a robbery in N10 last night, Thursday 15 March.
Officers from Haringey’s Robbery Qcars attended in response to a call to a robbery in Fortismere Avenue N10 at about 22:50 hours and checked with the victim whether they had the App on their phone.

The victim was then able to use their AppleID and password to log in to the App on an Ipad and officers tracked the phone to the N7 area in Islington, where it was recovered. A 19 year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of robbery and is in custody at a north London police station.

Haringey Police have Tweeted the news via @MPSHaringey to their Twitter followers and offer the following advice to Iphone/Ipad users:

  1. Download the ‘Find My Iphone App’.
  2. Turn ON ‘Location Services’ and ‘Find My Iphone / Ipad’ in your device’s settings.
  3. Set and activate a ‘Passcode Lock’.
  4. Remember your AppleID and Password.

The third step reduces the chance of the suspect being able to quickly turn off the app following the theft

—————————— previous news ————————————

In light of recent problems – members may like to be reminded that we have a Safer Neighbourhoods Team in the area (SNT) which is usually headed by our very own Sgt Peter Ryan who has come to many IARA meetings. He is in temporary placement elsewhere and the current head is Conn Bardi.

John Nicholson and Paul Seviour attend the Liaison Panel Meetings for us in which local issues are explored, warnings given and priorities for police action are set.

This is a report of the last one – a brief note of the mains points of the Panel meeting on 18th January, 2012.

With the benefit of hindsight – Emphasis is added about burglaries.

Conn Bardi, Sergeant SNT attended in the place of Peter Ryan who is still on TP to Inspector. Peter will be returning to his role as SNT Sergeant sometime later in the year once certain staffing and other appointments have been decided by the Met , this could be sometime in March.

Inspector Mike Lawrence also attended.

At the last meeting, the 2 priorities agreed for the Kentish Town SNT were:

1 Anti social behaviour (ASB) at some of the estates, including Monmouth House. SNT officers patrol the estates, move people on who should not be there, enter the buildings and remove people who have managed to get into the buildings (this remains an ongoing problem at Monmouth House), carry out “sweeps” of the land and common areas in and adjoining the estates on Fridays looking for weapons etc (examples of articles being found) that have been stored to be used by some people on the weekend. So, SNT taking proactive steps on this objective.

2 Cyclists on pavements associated with snatching of mobile phones and other valuables.

Residents need to be alert to this “new” and increasing crime. This week’s CNJ carries a big story about this happening in Camden. It is the crime that has shown the greatest increase in Camden. Theft from the person is usually associated with snatching high value mobile phones (and other items) especially I phones – there is a ready resale value to middle men where the items are shipped abroad and on sold. This crime includes “shoulder surfing” at ATM’s again snatching money as it is withdrawn. Also included is theft from the person of bags and personal belongings in pubs and cafes. No violence or threat of violence is usually involved, if it was this would be classed as robbery and would result in stiffer penalties. Perpetrators know this and if caught know there is a lesser sentence. Of course people on push bikes and mopeds often effect a quick getaway and believe there is a lesser chance of being caught. Uniform and plain clothes police are being deployed in Kentish Town to counter this threat.

Residents should not use mobile phone immediately on leaving a tube station etc and should avoid using (talking/texting) walking down the street. Beware of people on bikes on or near pavements. Also people on mopeds hanging around.

The Panel agreed at the meeting that these 2 priorities should be maintained by the Kentish Town SN Teams.

Additional points


Inspector Mike Lawrence pointed out that burglary of premises had dropped markedly over the last 2 or 3 years. However, other SNT’s in West Hampstead and Camden had noticed an increase. This has not hit Kentish Town yet but it was stressed that we should not be complacent and reiterate to the community the need to do the right things to protect property and belongings at home.

It was agreed at the meeting that a further objective should be to take steps to try to ensure that burglary does not increase in the Kentish Town area.

Ideas include better use of Crime Prevention Officers (CPO), meeting with local residents groups, getting the message across of the do’s and do not’s (much is common sense but a timely reminder is warranted), and sharing of information with residents on how burglars are gaining entry and how to persuade would be burglars that it is not worth the effort. Mention was made of “street DNA markings” See more below.

There is a shortage of  CPO’s so we need to think how the information they have can be shared with the community more effectively.

Better uptake and use of Neighbourhood Watch Schemes.

If anyone has any issues they can refer to us or they can be reached at

———————————————————————————————Streatham Officers Use DNA Marking To Warn Off Burglars Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A RESIDENTIAL street in south-west London is being protected from burglary by the use of SelectaDNA, as part of a police initiative to cut crime in the borough of Lambeth.
Lambeth Met Police Officers have been helping to mark the property of residents in Ambleside Avenue, Streatham, which has recently suffered from a spate of burglaries.

Officers on foot patrol from the Streatham South Safer Neighbourhoods Team along with officers from Streatham’s Local Policing Team have called at every address along the Avenue speaking with the occupants about preventing their homes from becoming a target of burglary.

In addition to the crime prevention advice, Lambeth officers also encouraged residents to use SelectaDNA to mark any household items of value such as flatscreen TVs, jewellery and computer equipment.

When police recover stolen property, the unique SelectaDNA markings can help them to return the items to the rightful owner, and also help police achieve better success rates in convictions against burglars.

Metal street signage announcing that SelectaDNA is in use in the area has been erected in Ambleside Avenue to act as a deterrent to potential burglars.

Inspector Nick Fallowfield of the Streatham Cluster for Lambeth Borough Police said: “By working together with the residents of Lambeth we will make our borough stronger and safer against crime.”

Advising local residents of the new SelectaDNA scheme, Inspector Fallowfield said: “Steps such as property marking will make your home more secure against possible break-ins while assisting us to detect crime and bring those offenders to justice. We welcome all residents to contact their local SNT to gain valuable crime prevention advice.”

For further press information and images contact: Angela Singleton, Press Officer for Selectamark. Mobile: +44 (0)7905 623 819. Email:

If members are interested in this property marking go to

 Local locksmiths may be able to help with property marking. Another local one that came up on the internet:

Hampstead Locksmiths 53 Constantine Road Hampstead London NW3 2LP – “call us immediately on our emergency hotline 0844 967 0675 or call our highly skilled, professional mobile locksmiths direct on 07976 268581 for an immediate solution to your problem.”