Car clubs may be coming to Inkerman and Cathcart.

We have received notices about a plan for two bays for car club vehicles each having space for two cars. There is a notice on a lamppost in Inkerman but we do not believe there has been a wide circulation of notices. We attach a scanned in copy of what IARA was sent.

One resident very close to the proposed bay in Inkerman has asked if it would generate extra traffic. We have contacted Camden and raised a number of points. One conventional answer is that it takes cars off the road and therefore reduces traffic. On the other hand most people’s cars sit stationary in the street most of the time. For a car club car to make any sense it has to be fairly heavily used.

Responses have to be in by February 18th so we have time to raise these questions and any other that people wish to raise – either through us or direct to the Camden officer dealing with it – . if you do raise things with him, please copy us into the correspondence. Thank you.