Message from a member:

“A house in  Willes Road was burgled on the evening of Tuesday 31st January.

A neighbour drove home around 18:30 and saw four boys (youngish 15, 16, 17) jumping out of the ground floor window of the burgled house and called the police. It is not known how long they had been there, but they had had time to go through the whole of the house.

They had broken in through the front window – rather brazen in this fairly pedestrianised street.

Apparently the shutter bar did nothing to keep them out. You can see by the foot prints they kicked it open.

The police later told us there had been a spate of burglaries in the area since Christmas, and that they were stepping up patrols in the area as a result.”

We should be on our guard, watching out for our neighbours if we know they are out all day.”

(And set time switches for lights to come on when it gets dark?)

After that had been sent out – news in from members:

From Grafton: “I was burgled last night,  [3.2.12.] Came home at 7.30pm to discover someone had taken a crow bar to the front door. Lost a computer and camera. Not much damage.”

From Ryland: “My wife interrupted the same young men (as least they fit the age description, and there were four of them) after they’d attempted to break into our house on Ryland Road – via our sash window and also, judging by the damage to the frame – our front door. (Oddly, they’d taken a brief time-out to smoke dope while sitting on our wall.) Same date: last Tuesday evening. [31.2.12]”

From Ryland: “Driving home last night [4.2.12] up Castlehaven road I saw a group of half a dozen young men all standing by the side of the road, being questioned by two van-loads of police.

Not sure why, but perhaps the patrols are working.”