Another great Alma Street Fair – Raffle prizes still to be claimed

Another great Alma Street Fair!

We’ll post a full report soon, but just in brief – it was a lovely day, with terrific music, some great stalls, a lovely crowd – and even the rain stayed away.

As promised, here are the results of the raffle. If you have a winning ticket, please email us at with your contact details and we’ll call you to arrange collection. Please check your ticket carefully – some have the same main number, but the long AB number may be different.  Prizes will be available until 12 July, then any unclaimed will be returned to our generous donors.

white 265 (AB267093) – Claimed!
Children’s FROG 52 bike from Lunar Cycles
white 314 (AB267093)
Power drill Makita DHP458 from Franchi
White 194 (AB262915)
Jewellery from Jessica de Lotz
pink 4 (AB172176)
Tattoo from Scratchline:
white 51 (AB267093)
Voucher from Earth Natural Foods
white 30 – Claimed!
Art and Hair from Flaxon Ptootch
pink 11 (AB172175)
A big box of craft stuff from the London Bead shop
white 9 (AB267094) – Claimed!
Breakfast, lunch,dinner from Marios + Carrots & Daikon + Beef and Brew:
pink 77 (AB172176) – Claimed!
Dinner and drinks for 2 at Anima e Cuore + Knowhere Special
pink 61 (AB172176) – Claimed!
A case of craft beer plus a brewery tour from Caps and taps + the Camden Town Brewery
pink 73 – Claimed!
A hanging garden and a garden consultancy from The Hanging Gardener, Babylon + Dilip Lakhani