Anglers Lane, Holmes Road and Queens Crescent

Here is the message from Karl Brierley, Principal Transport Planner at Camden Council. We hope this will resolve some of the teething problems of the new traffic schemes, and we have asked for the signage issue to be treated as urgent.

“Thank you for your follow up and patience in awaiting my response. Your email has been helpful in understanding the impact during the construction of the scheme.

I forwarded your email to the engineers and I have the following update for you:

  • We have informed Sat Nav providers of the changes and we have chased them to update their systems, as of Friday morning they have not updated. We will continue to chase this.
  • We will install a sign on Prince of Wales Road in advance of the junction with Anglers Lane which reads ‘No Through Access to Kentish Town Road’
  • Engineers are assessing the signage which has been installed in relation to your comments about them being too small.
  • We will assess the need for additional signage outside the old Crimea pub, but want to give the scheme time to settle in before adding additional signage to this area. See my next point.
  • A decision has now been made on the Holmes Road Healthy school street and the decision report is available online. In summary a decision was made to proceed with this scheme under a trial arrangement. This will mean that a motor vehicle restriction is placed on Raglan street removing the ability of motor vehicles to use Raglan Street to avoid the Anglers Lane motor vehicle restriction.  We are aiming for this scheme to be implemented in time for the school summer term, but will keep yourself and other local residents updated on progress.

I hope the above has answered your questions and if you have any more please do get in touch with me about Anglers Lane or Queen’s Crescent or Jon in relation to the Holmes Road Healthy School Street.

Queen’s Crescent

As outlined at the meeting between Council officers and residents in November (when we met with you and other local groups to discuss the Holmes Road scheme), the Queen’s Crescent area scheme has been running since May 2021 and has seen traffic reductions on some streets in the area. Across local streets, there has been a reduction of 33% in traffic volumes, and a reduction of 12% in traffic volumes on main roads in the area. Talacre Road saw an increase in vehicle volumes as vehicles continued to travel from Prince of Wales Road to Kentish Town Road via Talacre, Athlone and Holmes Road. Holmes Road continued to enable traffic to travel between Prince of Wales Road and Kentish Town Road, but the Queen’s Crescent scheme prevents traffic from travelling from Mansfield Road and Malden Road to Kentish Town Road. Due to this intervention, there was limited change in vehicle volumes on Holmes Road.

Local schools and residents raised the issue of road safety on Holmes Road and Officers worked to bring forward a consultation on a Healthy School Street for Holmes Road, with a motor vehicle restriction on Raglan Street. As outlined above this a decision to proceed on this has now been made. As outline in the decision report we expect that there could be a reduction in traffic on Holmes Road by up to 24% equating to circa 650 fewer vehicles per day..

The Healthy School Street would work with the Queen’s Crescent area scheme to ensure that traffic volumes on Holmes Road and the Inkerman Area are lower than they previously were. We would therefore like you and the residents of the Inkerman Area to consider responding to the Queens Crescent consultation to ensure that local people can continue to benefit from these improvements in air quality and road safety.  

You can find out more about the Queen’s Crescent area consultation at the link below, I have also attached a booklet that as delivered to properties in the area. We hope you can circulate this email to your networks so that they are aware of the consultation and can respond.