Anglers Lane – Correspondence with Camden

Tim Gray:

I notice that someone had careered off the road and ploughed into the bollards, breaking two and bending one over.

This proves the point we had to make some years ago about the need for the bollards – Anglers Lane is an incredibly narrow lane used as a high speed rat run, with unexpected two way traffic and also is one of the most used pedestrian routes in the area. Some time ago Camden started to remove the bollards, leaving pedestrians feeling very exposed and encouraging inevitable pavement driving and parking. We appealed to councillors and managed to get the removal stopped.

Could they please be replaced? We hope Camden will not use this to return to their previous determination to remove this protection. Reduce ‘clutter’ Yes – and protect pedestrians and pavements – yes please.

One of the larger bollards on the corner with Raglan Street is even listed we believe!

Thank you I will copy this to councillors.

PS. At the southern end of Anglers Lane – there is a no right turn into Prince of Wales. The arrow on the road is still there. The road sign has gone. As has the street sign for Anglers Lane.