Alma St Festival – major success with some important complaints

Dear Residents,

We are really happy for those of you that enjoyed the street party on Sunday. We have had a lot of very favourable comments. One resident told us she made friends with one of her neighbours that she hadn’t spoken to for 15 years. Many people went home with smiles on their faces having had a good time dancing and we witnessed adults having fun and playing children’s’ games. It was really wonderful to see so many people enjoying themselves.

To those who had a different experience, for example, finding it difficult to get children to sleep, we apologise. Our intention in putting these events on once a year is to create harmony in our streets so that we can walk down any road in our neighbourhood and feel a sense of safety. The fact that we get to know each other under relaxed circumstances means that we would find it easier to approach each other again and of course encourage responsibility for each other and our neighbourhood.

We assure you that this is the last time we will have an event that goes on so late. We learned a lesson on Sunday about starting on time and being prepared for all eventualities.

Even though Sunday was successful, we realise that the event was far too big for our streets and we shall stick to tried and trusted or well-vetted artists. The fete did bring in enough money both to cover our costs and insurance and for some future events like paying for a story teller to come and entertain us one winter’s evening. This would be a more intimate event for residents only with perhaps mulled wine and some food.

We hope that you understand our reasons for putting on our street party are well-intentioned and we certainly didn’t plan to upset anyone.

Our best wishes

Diana, Debby and David

The organisers
Inkerman Area Residents Association.