AGM and Party Monday 28 November and other news…

Notice of Annual General Meeting and A PARTY

(a chance to meet other people from the area + some nibbles + first drink free)
Monday 28 November 6.30 – 9.30 pm. Upstairs at The Grafton, Prince of Wales Rd

There will be reports on the various things that have been happening this year, and information about the permanent groups and the networks that IARA belongs to.

There will be a formal election of officers. The existing officers (Chair Debby Hyams, Secretary David Jockelson, Treasurer Paul Seviour) are willing to stand again. Nominations are invited from any other IARA resident, by email or to 31 Alma Street. You can nominate yourself or anyone else (with their signed agreement). The election will be by show of hands on the night.

Reports and accounts will be posted here. 

Other news:

Anglers Lane and traffic in the Inkerman area

People who live on or near Anglers Lane have been putting up for years with heavy traffic using the road as a short cut to Kentish Town Road. The official route from Prince of Wales Road to Kentish Town Road northbound is down Castlehaven Road, along Castle Road and up Kentish Town Road. Some local building firms instruct their drivers to follow this, but most other traffic simply drives up Anglers Lane, sometimes – despite the speed table – at speed. The noise, vibration and danger to pedestrians is considerable.

Over the years there have been discussions with Camden Council about possible solutions to this, and these continue. Meanwhile, residents have had a temporary respite while most of Anglers Lane has been closed for works to the gas main. The effect has been amazing – a general calming of traffic through most of the area. At least one of our local councillors would support the idea of a more permanent closure, if this would not impact unfairly on other streets. However, a couple of our members have told us about an increase in Ryland Road and Grafton Road.

Work in Anglers Lane should soon finish at the southern end, which will then re-open, while the exit to Kentish Town Road will be closed until the work is completed. It will be interesting to see what impact this will have on our streets.

We would really welcome your feedback on this, and it is vital that we get views from as many people as possible if we are to have any mandate for continuing our discussions with the Council about possible solutions. We want to find one that makes Anglers Lane work for residents, without having a negative impact on other streets. Please email with your views, or drop a note in to 31 Alma Street

A day to get together with friends and neighbours
One of our younger residents really missed the opportunity provided by the Alma Street Fair for those who want to to get out, meet their neighbours and celebrate our community. She has suggested that we designate a day over the Christmas holiday when people get together informally, get out on their doorsteps with food and/or drink … get together to sing carols, folk songs, jazz … set up a stall in their front area or on their steps … invite neighbours in … whatever makes for a nice day that involves as many people as want to be involved.

Several people already think this is a great idea and have decided to make it happen on Sunday 18 December. If you have ideas for what you might like to contribute please send them to by Monday 12 December and we will circulate details by email. Otherwise, be spontaneous and do something nice on the day!

Debby, David and Paul