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Sent: 24 February 2008 21:49:20
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Dear Members

There is a major planning application in for Regis Road. This is the industrial road that leads from the traffic lights at the top of the town, opposite the Tube Station and goes to the recycling centre / car pound / Sorting Office.
This has been an industrial area but this is an application for housing plus office.

The real issue for us is that it is 11 stories high. It will in fact front onto Holmes Road. It will be next to the new student building on the corner near where the old garage was and the new building is just being finished.
Details are: 1 Regis Road London NW5 3EW

Redevelopment of site to provide a part 5, part 11 storey building containing 36 affordable residential units (Class C3), office use (Class B1) with associated landscaping.

You can find details by going to Camden Website, ‘planning’ > ‘search for planning applications, decisions, site histories and appeals’ > ‘search for and comment on planning applications, view enforcements and appeals’ > ‘Planning application search’ and put in 2008/0136/P on Application Number…..
etc or try clicking on this……


and put in number 2008/0136/P

Or try this which may take you straight there. :


Once in you can see the plans if you work hard enough. On the first screen if you click the application number you get to the comment page which tells you we only have until 28.2.08 to comment, which is Thursday and you can comment on line.

Please let us have a copy of what you send.

Pros – It may be good to have more housing in Camden. It says 36 affordable units. Not sure if this means Housing Association. People need houses. Camden gets council tax. Shops get customers. A dead area of town gets some life.

But cons – It may loom over Holmes Road quite a lot. It looks much bigger than the student residence next door. It is as big as the section house down by the police station – but that is set back from the road. It may set a precedent for 11 storey buildings in the area.

Let us know what you think.

Thank you

Debby & David
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RE: 2008/0136/P 1 Regis Road‏
From: Inkerman Area Residents Association (inkermanara@hotmail.com)
Sent: 27 February 2008 21:23:09
To: env.devcon@camden.gov.uk

Dear Kiran Chauhan

Re: 1 Regis Road, NW5 3EW
Planning application ref no: 2008/0136/P

We have canvassed views of our members and we wish to oppose the present application.

1. General Strategic Planning Matters. This is a radical departure from the present planning and zoning of the area.

Camden has frequently emphasised the need to keep employment in the Borough and that is the current planning status of the area.

If it to change to become a residential area, then there needs to be a proper debate on the merits of this in light of the commitment to employment.

There also needs to be a far more strategic approach to the whole area and the implications of starting residential use. We note this is an application by Ashphaltic. If this sets a precedent for the whole ‘railway lands’ then we face the possibility almost of a new village being created here. It cannot be right to start on this piecemeal and in an unplanned way. It would be irresponsible to change the nature of an area without proper, joined up thinking and planning and consultation.

We echo the view of the KTRA “Kentish Town needs the Council to produce a cohesive development plan for Kentish Town. We find it very worrying that there are plans for buildings to go up piecemeal with no overall plan by the Council. It’s time for Kentish Town to have a Strategic Planning Statement.”

2. The building itself. There is a general feeling that this is serious case of overdevelopment. It is a small site and the proposal seems to try and cram as many units on the site as possible – simply too many.

The resulting height is a particular problem. At eleven stories it would be taller than any adjacent building. It would be disproportionate and bizarre. It would overshadow the new student block and the flats in the Council Depot.

It would be very dominant for our neighbourhood which is a Conservation Area with modest low rise buildings. We appreciate that Holmes Road has now acquired some larger, commercial building and we do not seek to pretend that two or three story buildings would be appropriate but this is a steep increase in height and could potentially open the way to even higher blocks later.

This connects with the first point made above: Do we want an area with massive tower blocks rising along Regis Road?

Very significantly the building is at the end of the sight-line from the High Street all the way down Holmes Road. It will be very prominent and conspicuous.

Not only is it eleven stories but the application points out that Regis Road is 2.4 metres higher than Holmes Road: the tower may then well appear even more substantial from a Homes Road viewpoint.

The quality of the design is we appreciate not something the council can apparently take into account for planning applications. However in passing it must be said that it is not a pleasing spectacle with a hotch-pot of facing materials.

3. Cars. The problem of private vehicle traffic and attendant parking with an extra 36 flats must be seriously considered as part of granting permission. We assume that this building is planned with explicit non-residents parking conditions. There is no car parking on the site and none available in the vicinity without gross overcrowding.
The application speaks of a pedestrian access from Holmes Road. This would be welcome so long as there is no danger of it changing into vehicle access to Regis Road.

4. The building and construction traffic. If permission is granted – for this or a future scheme – this traffic should be handled from Regis Road only. There have been enough problems already with construction and delivery vehicles in the narrow Holmes Road during the construction of the two corner properties. The road surface there now is extremely poor as a direct result. This development has an access point from a purely commercial road and should be used for construction traffic.

Yours faithfully

Debby Hyams,

Chair, Inkerman Area Residents Association.