24 August 2020

The good news in the last few days is …

Radio Masts on Monmouth House – permission refused.

Quite a lot of people wrote in to object (19 objections on the website) and the planning officer has agreed with the arguments.

Here’s the decision notice:

Monmouth House Raglan Street London NW5 3BX
Decision: Prior Approval Required – Approval RefusedInstallation of 12 pole mounted antennas (2 each on 6 poles), 6 cabinets, 4 dishes and 1 GPS antenna at roof level, plus 1 ground based meter cabinet and associated works.Application number: 2020/3008/P
Application type: GPDO Prior Approval DeterminationView Application

Magnet Site – a new planning application for the basement

There is yet another planning application for the old Magnet site, now the Stay Club student accommodation. The intention, and the original planning permission, was to have warehouse space in the basement. They now want to change that use to office/light industrial/studio space. Our initial thought is that might be better for the area than warehouse use, but let us know what you think.

Here are the details:

69-73 Holmes Road London NW5 3AN
Change of use of warehouse space (Use Class B8) to office/light industrial/studio space (Use Class B1), including the installation of a mezzanine basement level over a part of the double height warehouse space in order to create 957 sqm of additional space for B1 use.Application number: 2020/3698/P
Application type: Full Planning PermissionView Application

And on the subject of the Stay Club, residents are reporting a lot of problems with people congregating outside the building and outside the residential block next door, with a lot of noise, smoking and general disturbance – and sometimes aggression when asked to move on. Police and Camden Council are aware, and the Stay Club management seem to be trying to find solutions. It might be helpful for IARA to contact them to set up a meeting – if you are affected by this and would like to be involved please let us know.

Car Crime – a warning

Jeremy has sent us this:

My car was key hacked yesterday i.e. opened electronically. Fortunately no damage. You probably know that this is when thieves pick up the signal from your car key fob in your house and then boost the signal to open your car! The advice is to put your car keys in a metal key box while at home”

You may also have seen in the current CNJ that actor Dominic Cooper’s car was stolen this way.

Fair-Well – zero waste shopping

Following a successful visit to Inkerman Road, set up by Sophie, Dilip has arranged for Fair-Well to come back to Alma Street next week. He writes:

Fair Well have been booked to come to Alma Street on Saturday 29th August. The booking is a communal one and any IARA residents can come . It’s going to be in front of or near 38 Alma Street. Please see the website https://www.fair-well.co.uk/ first for details. You have to bring your own containers.”