Meeting Monday 6 December 2010

The next meeting will be on Monday 6 December, 7 – 9 pm, at St. Patrick’s School, Raglan Street.

Councillor Georgia Gould will be joining us, as well as Council Officers for some of the agenda items. Issues for discussion include:

Holmes Road Planning issues – another student hostel?
There are already concerns about noise and nuisance from students in Holmes Road. Now there’s a bigger problem – a planning application for a brand new 6 storey hostel for 277 students, plus a café, on the Magnet site. Come to the meeting or email us with your views.

Kentish Town Baths – Traffic And Parking Issues

Camden’s Acting Head of Public Realm & Transport will be attending the meeting with one of the officers from Camden’s Engineering Service. This is an issue about the immediate parking problems around the Baths, although there will be a more far reaching review to follow next year.

Holmes Road Hostel

The good news is that the hostel is still open for business and is likely to continue on the site. However, there is now the possibility of it being demolished and expanded. It’s a fine old building in reasonable shape – what do we think about this?

Other issues we may discuss

French School building works – any problems?

Cuts – any ideas? Do we really need 2 general rubbish collections?

Report on Kentish Town Road Action which campaigns and acts in planning matters to keep the High Street shops and oppose very late licenses.

MacDonalds and litter: can we put pressure on MacDonalds to do something about the huge litter problem they cause on Holmes Road and Raglan Street, and to a lesser extent all the other streets? Promises have been made in the past – what’s happened to them?

The new car club bays are up and running – some of the schemes are free to join right now so now could be the moment to give up your car and join!

Join us on 6 December. Any other agenda items in advance if possible please.