Before we start... please note this section goes over several pages and you need to spot the rather unnoticeable box at the foot of each page to arrow yourself into the next page.

This part of the website consists of:

1. some quite old postings of a History of the Area in Maps – (ignore the apparent dates of posting – they are contrived to get them in the right order) with the oldest being a sketch map and then a series of other maps showing the development of the area from green fields with the River Fleet running through it…. (it still does, underneath Cathcart, Inkerman and Willes…) to the growth in the Victorian Crimean period – hence the street names… up to 1870 when Ryland was added. then ..

2. a link to the excellent Conservation Area Statement which is a history of some of the area with a detailed architectural commentary.

But 3paradoxically coming first as it is current... Covid 19 inspired work by folk in Ryland which we post by kind permission.

Plus 4. a random posting about two listed building / objects at the bottom of Anglers Lane… that you never knew about…..