Finding census records

PLEASE NOTE: like everything else in this Local History section, this is very much work in progress.

There seem to be a number of ways of accessing census records, including, the National Archives and FindMyPast which includes the 1841 census and 1851 and then every ten years up to 100 years ago although there seem to be some later records… including 1939. We will find out more and report back here.

We have been using You can use the Free Trial or sign up for various tariffs giving you more or less information.

Click on the drop-down list Search at the top of the page.  It is between between the drop-down lists for Family Tree and DNA.

This opens a new box and on the far right lower corner of the box is the word Census Addresses.

Click on that and this to open a street search screen.

It makes most sense to choose a census. You can choose from 1861 – 1911.

Type the street name.

Type London, England in the location box.

Once you do that, the shaded box at the bottom will say how many results there are.

if there are no results, you need to refine the search.

But if you have a result, click on the shaded box to reveal a list saying there are so many addresses in that list.

Click on that list and scroll down to the door number you are looking for.

To the right of the address are two icons that look like pieces of paper.  Clicking on the first icon opens a clean, easy-to-read record.  Whereas the second icon reveals the original, often illegible, record.

This guide was from information provided by Samantha in Holmes Road, edited / mangled by David