New bollards in Anglers Lane

You may have noticed that, following the rather superior repaving of Anglers Lane, Camden have replaced all the non matching bollards and we now have an immaculate gleaming matching set. This may seem a rather disproportionate use of the very limited funds that Camden has but we gather that it is simply because parking money has to be spent on roads.

The bollards could be understood to be some sort of homage to one of the listed ‘buildings’ in our area. Yes – a bollard. Go to Bollard. “Mid/late C19. Cast-iron. Gothic style. Octagonal shaft with conical top surrounded by gables, each with a rosette.On the junction with Willes. where there is a very poor old photo – or see below for a newer one and one where it points to his colleague listed ‘building’. 

Across Prince of Wales Road is another listed ‘building’. No – not Hope Chapel but the phone box beside it. Like all of the classic old phone boxes