Independent Elders Meeting 14 October 2019

Present: Debby, Don, Anne, Harriet, Mary, Michele, Robert, Jeff

Apologies: Belinda, Iris, Charles, Rosemary, Julia, Patricia, Diana

1. Planning, Traffic and the High Street
West Kentish Town plans and Monmouth House Radio Masts. No news. We will look out for formal planning applications.

Raglan House. Developers have bought the building and have been consulting residents who live opposite. The plan is for 6 town houses (4 x 3 bed, 2 x 3), retaining the facade and some of the detail. There is general approval, although sad to see the site go into private hands.

Pizza Express. Work is going ahead, with a recent planning application for some of the detail. There is still hope of a cinema (and there are 2 other new ones, and a planned theatre in (or near) the Coal Drop development at Kings X.

No sign of any activity on the old Addison Lee workshop site in Spring Place. Debby will try to find out if anything is happening. Debby

Prince of Wales Road/Anglers Lane traffic consultation. We have heard nothing. Debby will ask Camden what the outcome is. Debby

There is a depressing number of empty shops in the High Street. KTRA is doing some work on this.

2. Gardens and trees
Scaffolding has been up for some time on the Holmes Road garden. Mulch spreading will be organised when it comes down. Camden Green Gym may help. Don can no longer take on the day-to-day maintenance of the garden and it would be good to find someone to do this. Maybe CFBL might? Debby to ask. Debby

Debby hasn’t yet followed up the suggestion about having a lockable IARA notice board on the wall by the Raglan Street garden. Mary has offered to take responsibility for keeping it clean and up to date. Debby

Transition Town’s project for greening the Raglan Estate is going ahead. Dilip helped to run an initial meeting and was very pleased with the turnout and the links made beween Estate residents and others.

Harriet told us that the campaign to keep the Bassett Street community gardens has failed.

Trees – replacements agreed but not yet planted in Alma Street. There is a dead tree outside 12 Raglan Street, and outside 39 Willes Road (this one known to Camden and due to be felled – we could ask for a Spring replacement). Debby will contact the Tree Department. Debby

3. The Magnet site
Some of the summer short lets to language students caused a bit of nuisance with large groups, but hopefully the longer lets to individual students will be better. There is a Working Group meeting soon, and we will try and set up ongoing liaison with the Stay Club, who run the accommodation. Working Group members will also get a tour of the building, but this won’t be open to other residents. Debby will report back, and will also consider whether it would be suitable to have the next meeting in their cafe.

4. Street name signs
Willes Road sign at Anglers Lane junction is still missing despite being reported several times. Debby will chase. Again. Debby

5. Outings and Activities
Mary suggested that a good way forward would be for individuals to decide where they would like to go and, via Elders mailing, suggest a time and place and invite others to join them. Mary would like to visit two gardens – one at Canary Wharf Crossrail, and the other in Fenchurch Street, near the Sky garden. She will follow this up. Other suggestions were the William Morris church in Sloane Square, and the Samsung Experience at Kings X. Health
Harriet had found that there would be a long wait to get her ear wax syringed on the NHS, and was experiencing real hearing loss. She discovered that the Musicians Hearing Service at 85 – 87 Bayham Street (020 7486 1053) offers a service for £40 per ear. If wax isn’t the problem, Scrivens in the High Street offer hearing tests, and Don recommended Specsavers in Edgware Road (020 7706 0404).

7. Cuts to rail station staffing
Mary circulated cards inviting people to protest about huge proposed cuts to staffing at London Overground stations. This is organised by the rail workers union the RMT, and you can write via them to the Mayor of London at this address:

39 Chalton Street
London NW1 1JD

8. Next meeting
IARA’s AGM is on Monday 25 November. The next Elders meeting will be after Christmas, date to be arranged.