Elders meeting 17.2.20

Notes of a meeting of the Independent Elders held 17.2.20

Present: Debby, Don, Anne, Harriet, Michele, Patricia, Iris, Lesley

Apologies: Charles, Robert, Dot

1. Planning, Traffic and the High Street
i. West Kentish Town plans. Don has seen signs up on the West KT estate advertising a ballot on the proposals. He will forward the link (Postcript the ballot is for estate residents only and I have contacted Cllr Apak to ask how and when we can comment formally on the plans)
ii. Monmouth House Radio Masts. No news. There is a new proposal to put some telephonics equipment on the Age UK shop, but this doesn’t seem to be masts.
Iii. Pizza Express. Work is going ahead.

iv. Prince of Wales Road/Anglers Lane traffic consultation. It seems that the plans have been dropped and alternative proposals are being considered. Camden have said they will get back to us.

v. Camden Town Brewery. Michele has spotted that CTB is expanding and will be an eating and drinking venue rather than a brewery. Here is the link https://londonist.com/london/drink/camden-town-brewery-expansion vi. Rubbish outside charity shops. There is a problem with a time lag between shops putting out rubbish and recycling, and having it collected. During this time it gets picked over and strewn about. Debby said this is on Kentish Town Road Action’s list of issues but solutions are not immediately obvious.

2. Gardens and trees i. Holmes Road garden. Scaffolding is likely to be up until April. Debby and Dilip to talk about next steps. ii. Raglan Street noticeboard. IARA committee discussed this and decided not to proceed. This is on the basis that this is no longer how people generally get information and there are concerns about consent (wall ownership), potential vandalism etc. Debby to let Mary know. Iii. Raglan Estate. A lot of work has been done – trees, wild flower sowing, hedges … everyone pleased. iv. Trees – Don mentioned that the tree alleged to have caused cracking in CFBL’s wall along Willes Road has been cut down. Debby agreed to check earlier correspondence about this (Postscript this is what CFBL have said: “The cause of that crack was probably a strong wind twisting the main branch. The tree was cut down to its stump, which will be removed in a week or two (hopefully during our half term break) & the resulting hole in the pavement filled on the same day.

Camden would normally plant a new tree but … subsidence problem & that the building’s insurers planned to contact Camden’s tree conservation team, to discuss removing that tree, & perhaps the adjacent tree, if they constitute a menace.)

There are 3 trees missing in Alma Street but the one outside number 9 is the subject of a possible subsidence issue. Debby will try to find out when the others will be replaced. Debby

3. The Magnet site A resident of Holmes Road found the student hostel on an airbnb site (which would not be

allowed for student accommodation. Debby to check further and contact Camden if this seems to be happening (Postscript there’s nothing on the airbnb site for this address at the moment.

Also, for the dates I looked at, there doesn’t seem to be a listing for the Anglers Lane flats, where there is a frequently shifting population)

4. Street name signs Willes Road sign at Anglers Lane junction has been replaced. Finally.

5. Outings and Activities

No firm plans as yet. Michele mentioned an exhibition with a mushroom theme at Somerset House. Harriet will find out more about tours of Coaldrop Yard. Harriet 6. Scams Debby circulated a booklet provided by the police which outlined some current scams. Patricia warned about a very convincing one professing to come from Amazon. 7. Volunteering Harriet reported that in response to an IARA mailing 4 people had come forward to volunteer to read with children at St. Patrick’s school. 8. Next meeting We provisionally agreed Monday 16 March at 11 am. Meanwhile, Debby will check dates with Charles who would like to attend but is not always free on a Monday.

Harriet suggested inviting one of the women running a new venture, Fair-Well, who run an electric van that will park in any street by invitation and offers a range of refills (food, toiletries) with no packaging. Once meeting date confirmed we’ll follow up. Debby/Harriet