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Current Affairs – ie Corona Virus issues aka Covid-19

It is hard to keep up with the torrent of emails currently. But to do our best: Starting with the most recent: On 28 Mar 2020 Coronavirus updates – and some other happier stuff!  Help and helpers People are really getting into the swing of asking for help, and getting it from friends and neighbours… Read more »

Chair’s Report 2019

Most of IARA’s activities take place through subgroups and by email, so if you know people who are not signed up for emails do let them know. Through a network of street representatives we do a door-to-door mailing in advance of general meetings and other major events. If you live in a block of flats… Read more »

Minutes of the general meeting of IARA 22/7/19

Attendance: Alma St: Charles C, Hilary B, Debby H, David J, Jeremy B, Daniel O, Alison L, John EWilles Rd: Don H, Rosemary W, Dot G, David P, Jonathan B, Michele L, Vivienne M, Judy LRaglan St: Paul S, John N, Harriet C, Mary H, Jan MRyland Rd: Trisha M, Etienne D, Anne H, Martin… Read more »

Alma Street Fair – the video

Here is a link to a short video that captures some lovely moments of the 2019 Alma Street Fair – click here With thanks to Jeff Baynes and all who contributed footage. And another video – this time of the Parade:Douglas Cape has sent us his video of the parade – watch it here

The Alma Street Fair – winning raffle prizes

A lovely day at the Alma Street Fair, and more about that soon.Meanwhile, here is a list of the lucky winning tickets that were not claimed in person at the fair yesterday. If one of these numbers is yours, then email us at with your contact details and we can arrange for you to… Read more »

Alma Street Fair 2019

The Alma Street Fair this year is on Sunday June 16th, from 12 noon to 7 pm. It promises to be the usual exciting day, with 3 music stages (main “Crimea” stage, MAP cafe and an acoustic stage), lots of stalls, dance performance, great raffle prizes … and more.  We’re also having a parade again,… Read more »