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The controversial Cinema or not… at the old Pizza Express Building

There has been a very full exchange of posts on the WhatsApp group and feedback received by email which led to a consensus. We have now distilled this into an objection which we have sent by email and added to the consultation site where it will appear in due course. D&D Application – 2024/0601/P Site Address187… Read more »

Alma Street Fair 2024 – a thank you.

In January this year IARA members agreed there was enough support to put on a Fair in 2024, after a year off with just the more limited “UnFair” event last year  – mainly fundraising for the MAP café.  After months of work, it happened last Sunday – 23 June!  We have received a lot of… Read more »

Alma Street Fair 2024 Prize draw results.

Here are the results of the prize draw: Numbers were:  191 – Mario’s breakfast – not yet claimed. 121 – Franchi drill – claimed    376 – Ace Sports – claimed

A Very Short History of our part of Kentish Town.

Some of us who live in Kentish Town think the area is really interesting! Surprisingly, Kentish Town actually started some miles south – around the area of St Pancras old church. However the River Fleet ran through there and used to flood – so the inhabitants moved northwards up to the area we now think… Read more »

Introduction to the history pages

Before we start… please note this part of the website is still being developed. The history notes are available in sequence if you click on the Local History link to the right hand side of the page. And.. these articles are also spread through the main run of articles below. We hope to tidy this… Read more »

Local food and drink etc.

There was / is a posting on this website for our first attempt in 2012 – Local venues and other cultural links 2012. We’ve left it there for historic purposes. ie the Grafton Arms had just be rehabilitated … and the George pub was still going! This is an update in 2024: It is triggered… Read more »