NOT The Alma Street Fair but instead …

We have made the decision that there are not enough people involved this year to run The Alma Street Fair along the same lines as in previous years. We also thought it might be good to try something different – at least for one year – with the option of reverting to the previous model… Read more »

IARA General Meeting Monday 9 May 7.30 pm

You are invited to a General Meeting of the Inkerman Area Residents Association, on Monday 9 May 7.30 – 9 pm upstairs at The Grafton (corner of Grafton Road and Prince of Wales Road) Everyone who lives in the area is automatically a member so come along to find out more about what your Residents… Read more »

March update

Basement development rights We have mentioned previously that there are concerns about the impact on neighbours of basement developments. At present, many of these fall into the category of “Permitted Developments”, which would mean that they don’t need to go through the normal planning process. However, the law is not clear on this point and… Read more »

AGM 2015 – Chair’s report, accounts and minutes

IARA AGM 2015 – report from the Chair and Secretary Meetings We had hoped to have a mid year meeting, but following the General Election we had a new MP for the area, Keir Starmer, and saw this as a good opportunity to meet him and hear about his priorities. This took a bit of… Read more »


New bollards in Anglers Lane You may have noticed that, following the rather superior repaving of Anglers Lane, Camden have replaced all the non matching bollards and we now have an immaculate gleaming matching set. This may seem a rather disproportionate use of the very limited funds that Camden has but we gather that it… Read more »